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Innovative and practical health care solutions.

Livind is part of OpenXS, where smart technological applications for everyday living situations are created. We want to provide healthcare professionals and caregivers with convenient and easy-to-use aids, so that the people whom they look after can remain living independently for as long as possible, without unnecessarily compromising quality of life or privacy, or paying high purchase and usage costs.

Specialised in lifestyle monitoring.

With the development of Livind lifestyle monitoring, we are playing into the need of many elderly people to stay living at home independently for longer. Livind allows care workers/caregivers to gain insight into the situation of the people who they provide care to at any time. Deviation in the patient’s daily routine is detected early so that assistance can be promptly provided if necessary. The system was extensively tested in 2012 and 2013 in collaboration with caregivers and health care organisation Proteion. Livind was implemented nation-wide in the Netherlands in the middle of 2013. Our aim is to further develop the ADL system for lifestyle monitoring together with various parties and give it a solid place in health care, so that together we can improve the quality of care and reduce costs.


Livind is part of OpenXS, the Netherlands.

We Design, Develop & Distribute healthcare technology

All of us deal with healthcare at some point in our life. Either while looking after children or parents, or because of our own ailments and limitations. Our relationship with healthcare is perhaps even more intense. We collaborate with healthcare providers, professionals, insurers and innovators in healthcare on a daily basis in order to maintain the quality, accessibility and affordability of the internationally renowned Dutch healthcare system. We speak of maintaining, because the rising demand for healthcare and the economic reality force us to provide even better quality healthcare for the same price, now and in the future. The sustainability of our current healthcare system is under pressure and a transformation is necessary.

We like to be involved with our clients as closely as possible and see ourselves as a pure Dutch player in the market. We understand the needs in the health care market and follow developing trends closely. This allows us to promptly play into changing demands, where the comfort of living at home longer is the central focus.

Our team

Our team is constantly working on improving our monitoring system and the development of our practical domotics applications. The user experiences of care professionals, caregivers and care customers are of great value in this process. We would be happy to listen to your feedback, compliments or suggestions. Thank you in advance for brainstorming with us!