Lifestyle monitoring


A new concept.

The term “lifestyle monitoring” is relatively new to the healthcare world. In the past this principle was often referred to with the abbreviation ADL (Activities of Daily Life). Lifestyle monitoring evaluates activities in people’s daily lives, in order to detect and/or intervene in the event of (potentially concerning) deviations; for example, when someone hasn’t moved for a period of time longer than usual while in his/her home, or moves significantly less for a certain period, or sleeps restlessly. Disrupted daytime/night-time routines and excessive toilet visits are also detected.

User experiences.

Esthelle is certainly not the only satisfied Livind user. Want to hear more user experiences or share your won? Don’t hesitate to do so by contacting us through our contact form or by calling Livind at 0174 – 296389.


How it works.

Livind’s system typically consists of 5 wireless sensors and door contacts placed in the main areas inside the residence. By placing the sensors in strategic locations, all of the movement occurring in the residence is monitored, while the resident remains mostly or wholly unaware of them. The Livind sensors are connected wirelessly to a modem located in the residence, allowing all movements inside the residence to be detected and sent through a secure online connection to Livind for analysis. A picture is created of, for example, the person’s sleeping and eating pattern, toilet visits and bathroom activity. A potential fall is detected and reported either first to us or directly to an affiliated care centre switchboard. The system can be easily installed alone or, alternatively, with the help of a technician. The number of sensors can easily be increased to suit your needs.

Accessible on all devices.

All authorised users can monitor the person’s activity 24 hours a day online, either at home on a PC or on a smartphone or tablet on a user-friendly webpage. The layout of the page is clear in all cases.



A godsend for all.

For care clients it is a system that can afford you the comfort of living in your own trusted environment safely and for longer, and for healthcare professionals it represents an easier way of monitoring their patients remotely via the internet. A useful and cost-effective way of constant monitoring, 24/7, and to quickly detect changes without the need to use intrusive cameras.