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    Assistive domotics for lifestyle monitoring of independently living care clients

    With our Lifestyle Monitoring System, we facilitate the support of health care professionals and caregivers. Want to find out more? Read all about it on this website, or contact us at no obligation.

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  • Livind

    Keeping an eye on things, camera free, with Livind 24/7.

    Anyone providing remote health care wants to be able to keep an eye on things – ideally without cameras. Livind offers the perfect solution, with a simple system incorporating 5 sensors and a secure internet webpage that provides 24/7 up-to-date information.

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  • Livind

    Convinced users.

    Livind has many satisfied users amongst its clientele. Estelle is one of them. She employed the system for her mother who suffers from dementia. Watch the interview clip in which she shares her experiences.

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Living independently at home for longer.

Livind allows people to remain living at home safely for a longer time. The system “learns” the lifestyle activities and patterns of the user, after which any deviations are immediately detected. This allows for appropriate health care assistance to be promptly provided every time.

Generic information accessible to everyone.

Informal caregivers, family members and the healthcare organisation can track the lifestyle activities of the resident via the internet. They will all have access to the same, always current information which they can view on their tablet, mobile phone or PC/laptop anytime, anywhere.

24/7 monitoring.

Livind sends an SMS (text message) or e-mail to the caregiver and/or healthcare organisation in the event of out-of-the-ordinary situations, like for example, restless sleeping. For wandering behaviour or a potential fall incident, a notification will be sent to a carecentre switchboard. This affords health care workers/caregivers a secure feeling, day and night.

Video clip

The Livind Lifestyle Monitoring system is straightforward and simple. In this animation clip we clearly explain again how the system works. The video is also useful for when you want to explain the system to others or for a presentation.

Esthelle Lindenburg

Informal caregiver

“It’s good to see this system working so effectively; that really helps me a lot. It gives peace of mind to my mother and myself.”

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